About VOD/Terms

MuscleAngelsVOD is where you can buy select individual clips that are in the MuscleAngels.com Member's area.   

All the clips here on MuscleAngelsVOD are also in the MuscleAngels member's area.

The purpose of offering individual clips is because you may want to sample before you buy a membership or you may just want to save a few videos of your most favorite muscle girls!

If you make an account on MuscleAngelsVOD, you will be able to access your download links there in case you can't get to your e-mail.

ALL videos are .mp4 format and 1280x720. 

DOWNLOADS are meant for your PC or Laptop!  These files are too large for an Iphone!!

If you wish to view videos on your mobile device please visit: MuscleAngels.com

Whichever option you choose, either the VOD or Membership option, I hope you enjoy the beautiful Muscle Angels! 

By purchasing clips you agree to not share or post on the internet any content featured here or on MuscleAngels.com. 

*I would like to continue to deliver quality content; sharing and posting greatly decreases my ability to do so.  Please enjoy your MuscleAngels videos privately! Thank you~ Annie

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