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  • Exotic beauty Cejay Hilton oils up her hard female muscle....she then flexes and poses showing off her lovely ripped physique.  12:24min  .mp4  741mb

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  • Gorgeous thick Brazilian beauty Alessandra Alves gets her muscles measured by Annie....they then compare hands and feet and afterwards Alessandra flexes and poses her thick sexy muscles for you!  9:34min mp4  572mb

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  • Alana Shipp ~ Magnificent Muscle Beauty. (previously posted) Alana is a curvy, muscular and saucy Ebony goddess! Watch her as she moves gracefully displaying her muscle perfectly. Beautiful face, beautiful eyes and perfect from head to toe.
    6:21 min | MP4 format | 280 MB  

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  • Aleesha Young ~ Flex Lounge.(previously posted) Super hot Aleesha set to funky lounge music...all her signature moves at all angles. Pec bounces, bicep teases and an awesome booty 'shake and tease' segment that will send you running for a cold drink. Aleesha is one of the most muscular women in the world; don't miss this sexy video of her in hard competition shape.
    9:03 min | MP4 format | 493 MB  

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  • Beautiful Theresa shows of her sleek, muscular and sexy legs in this video. In addition you get some closeups of her immensely broad 'thick as a brick' muscular back.

    7:00 min | MP4 format | 309 MB | $7.00

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  • Beautiful Julia displays her amazing physique in front of a mirror. Watch her hard pecs up close, thick solid biceps, incredible back and most musculars.

    8:25 min | MP4 format | 372 MB

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  • Massive curvy muscle sensually oiled. Huge upper body, thick thighs and glutes. Unmatched curvy butt and leg thickness!

    5:56 min | MP4 format | 262 MB  


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  • Beautiful Anne performs a stunning hard and vascular posing show. Included are closeups of her extremely hard vascular thighs, arms and pecs.

    6:15 min | MP4 format | 276 MB 

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