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  • Pam Hannam ~ Cougar Footplay. Sexy muscle diva shows her sexy legs and feet...playing in the water seductively.
    6:56 min | .mp4 format | 328 MB

    • $6.00
  • Full version of two parts in the member's area of MuscleAngels.  Laura has AMAZING thick full and ripped calves.  VERY curvy and sexy. Pretty feet too:)

    8:01  .mp4  254mb.


    • $7.00
  • Megan Abshire: Glistening Muscles. Megan is out on the back deck sunning herself....applying oil and showing off her muscular body while she lounges in the sun. Megan looks absolutely luscious with nice slippery oil coating her massive curves.
    3:57 min |.MP4format | 180 MB

    For More Megan videos visit:

    • $3.00
  • Katka  Poolside Legtease. Katka is flexing for you and teasing with her sporty outfit...she rolls down her knee socks to reveal her hot hard calves. Super sexy leg flex and tease action.
    4:07 min | .mp4 format | 194 MB

    For more of Katka please visit        

    • $4.00
  • Kim Buck ~ Elegant and Sexy. Kim is absolutely gorgeous in this flexing in the bedroom. Featuring several segments with closeups on arms, chest and shoulders followed by a long and hot leg and foot segment. Kim then moves to some more upper body, back and leg and glute posing. This video is a Foot and Leg Lover's delight but there's plenty of upper body segments to satisfy everyone.
    7:17 min | mp4 format | 240 MB   There are TONS of Kim Buck videos on

    • $6.00
  • Gorgeous Alessandra wakes up and walks into the bathroom to pamper herself and then admire herself in the mirror....

    6.38  .mp4  293mb

    This video is in the member's area.

    • $6.00
  • Michelle Jin ~ Sensual Leg Show. Get lost in leggy dreamland with this slow and seductive video of Asian calf queen Michelle. Michelle starts in lingerie with thigh highs and heels...she flexes a bit of upper body then moves to her leg display as she she slowly removes her hose to reveal her beautiful thick bare legs and feet. Extremely Sexy!
    9:53 min | MP4 format | 435 MB

    • $9.00
  • Anne Marie Via ~ Sexy Show. Voluptuous Amazon Anne Marie in a sexy dress and sheer thigh high hose: seductive posing and flexing, first upper body then legs. She rolls down her stockings for a hot calf, foot and leg display. Anne Marie is huge and her big sexy muscle are bulging everywhere!
    13:51 min | MP4 format | 612 MB

    • $9.00
  • Just some sexy flexing with gorgeous curvy Alessandra!

    5:53 .mp4  273mb

    • $5.00
  • Very sexy Trish laying on the bed in ripped contest shape and a sexy outfit she first shows off arms and forearms then legs and feet.  Sexy soles:)

    7:40  .mp4  240mb.

    • $6.00
  • Calves, legs ripped and veiny!! Foot soles and sexy glutes posing too...

    6:28  .mp4  202mb.

    • $6.00
  • Katka Kyptova Compilation I: This video is just plain hot! Beautiful leg shots. Calves to die for. From her gorgeous face down to her pretty feet...she is perfect.
    12:11 min | .MP4 format | 555 MB

    For more of her please visit

    • $8.00
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