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  • Katka Kyptova  Hot tub Shirt Rip. Part 2 of the poolside posing, beautiful Katka dips into the tub with her white tank top....the wet shirt clings tightly to her rippling abs and chest as she flexes. She rips the shirt from her body and continues her topless muscle show. Super hot.
    4:32 min | mp4 format | 214 MB  

    • $4.00
  • Alina Popa Wet Shirt Tease and Rip. Massive and ripped Miss the swimming pool teasing you with her wetness. Sensual sexy posing, rippling abs, tantalizing eye contact....topped off by her majestic 'most muscular' poses after she rips the shirt from her body. Luscious.
    4:39 min | mp4 format | 219 MB 

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    • $4.00
  • Megan Avalon  'Muscletalk in the Mirror' Muscle Barbie, Megan is seductively flexing her tight little hot bod while she talks about how sexy her muscles look.
    3:52 min | mp4 format | 175 MB  

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    • $4.00
  • Kim Perez  Simply Massive  Ebony beauty Kim is in a reclining position showing off her muscles....unbelievable quad and glute/hamstring shots. Her leg hardness is just a preview for her thick slabs of chest...up close shots included. Kim's muscularity is unreal.
    4:23 min | mp4 format | 205 MB 

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    • $4.00
  • Debi Laszewski Hardness part I. This video of Debi shows her sultry and mesmerizing beauty and hard lean muscles perfectly. All over flexing, wide angle and zoomed steady upper body shots with some intensely hot leg and foot scenes on the bed. Very Sexy.
    7:56 min | mp4 format | 367mb 

    Tons of Debi on

    • $7.00
  • Lisa Giesbrecht ~ Hard, Ripped, Oiled. Unbelievably vascular and hard, Lisa applies oil all over and flexes her muscles. She starts with her sexy arms, rubbing oil into the deep cuts and biceps peaks; she moves to her chest and flexes her pecs very sexily....then down to her hard tight abs. Now comes the legs. This footage is out of this world; the veins literally cover every inch of her quads, hamstrings and calves. Lisa very seductively applies the oil and reveals every cut, bulge and sweeping muscle belly. Extremely HOT.
    10:29 min | mp4 format | 476 MB 

    Lots of Lisa in the member's area!

    • $8.00
  • Kim Buck ~ Elegant and Sexy. Kim is absolutely gorgeous in this flexing in the bedroom. Featuring several segments with closeups on arms, chest and shoulders followed by a long and hot leg and foot segment. Kim then moves to some more upper body, back and leg and glute posing. This video is a Foot and Leg Lover's delight but there's plenty of upper body segments to satisfy everyone.
    7:17 min | mp4 format | 240 MB   There are TONS of Kim Buck videos on

    • $6.00
  • Juanita Blaino ~ The Ebony Goddess. The most gorgeous face and eyes...perfect skin, perfectly symmetrical muscles not to mention all over massiveness. Aproximately 180 LBS during competition! She's beautiful, sexy, sultry and you will melt once you look into her gorgeous eyes...
    11:06 min | mp4 format | 502 MB 

    For much more of her visit:

    • $9.00
  • Aleesha Young ~ Voluptuous Muscle. Aleesha is absolutely stunning in this brand new video. Unbelievable muscle size; super juicy pecs and butt muscles! Big peaked biceps and thick quads and back....well she's thick all over! Wide angle steady shots as well as closeups. Aleesha flexes very seductively and shows that muscle mass is feminine. Very Hot!
    7:26 min | mp4 format | 340 MB 

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    • $7.00
  • Tonia Moore ~ Exotic Flex. Muscular and Exotic beauty, Tonia, is one day post competition; flexing all her muscles. Very nice video of her graceful posing style...closeups and wide shots included. Pecs and abs rippling with sweat in the Florida heat; she's thick, ripped, massive AND sexy;)
    10:46 min | mp4 format | 488 MB

    • $7.00
  • Loana Muttoni ~ Wet Muscle Girl. Soaking up the sun and getting soaked in the shower; hot Brazilian muscle bomb Loana teases and flexes for her fans out by the pool...ripped and glistening in the Florida sunshine.
    10:32 min | mp4 format | 480 MB 

    Lots more Loana on         

    • $7.00
  • Alina Popa ~ Upclose. This videos features close up shots of ALL of the amazing Alina Popa. Sensual posing, beautiful face...rock hard muscles close enough they seem as if you can reach out and touch them. All of her beautiful and graceful posing style captured in this video. Alina is one of the bodybuilders you need to see this close as every inch of her is perfect.
    8:38 min | MP4 format | 390 MB 

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    • $8.00
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