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  • Megan Abshire: Shirt Ripping    Megan pumps up her massive muscles using a rubber band - Then moves on and rips her shirt apart with raw female muscle power as if it were tissue paper...Then she continues pumping her huge mighty biceps with the rubber band...loads of thick, swelling biceps - A must see!
    3:20 min | .MP4 format | 151 MB


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  • Megan Abshire: Glistening Muscles. Megan is out on the back deck sunning herself....applying oil and showing off her muscular body while she lounges in the sun. Megan looks absolutely luscious with nice slippery oil coating her massive curves.
    3:57 min |.MP4format | 180 MB

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  • Katka Kyptova  Hot tub Shirt Rip. Part 2 of the poolside posing, beautiful Katka dips into the tub with her white tank top....the wet shirt clings tightly to her rippling abs and chest as she flexes. She rips the shirt from her body and continues her topless muscle show. Super hot.
    4:32 min | mp4 format | 214 MB  

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  • Alina Popa Wet Shirt Tease and Rip. Massive and ripped Miss the swimming pool teasing you with her wetness. Sensual sexy posing, rippling abs, tantalizing eye contact....topped off by her majestic 'most muscular' poses after she rips the shirt from her body. Luscious.
    4:39 min | mp4 format | 219 MB 

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  • Megan Avalon  'Muscletalk in the Mirror' Muscle Barbie, Megan is seductively flexing her tight little hot bod while she talks about how sexy her muscles look.
    3:52 min | mp4 format | 175 MB  

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  • Kim Perez  Simply Massive  Ebony beauty Kim is in a reclining position showing off her muscles....unbelievable quad and glute/hamstring shots. Her leg hardness is just a preview for her thick slabs of chest...up close shots included. Kim's muscularity is unreal.
    4:23 min | mp4 format | 205 MB 

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  • Elegant and stylish flexing by beautiful Jodi.  Her her best shape ever...ripped and muscular!!
    4:07 min | MP4 format | 182 MB

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  • Gorgeous figure abs nice pecs and arms!  This is on

    4:00 .mp4  234mb

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  • Very unique posing style with hardcore flexes!   This and more Heidi on

    4:28  .mp4  198mb

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  • Seriously hard and vascular Oksana shows off her arms, forearms, most musculars, legs and abs!

    3:35  161mb.  mp4

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  • Margie Martin ~ Oiled Ebony Muscle. Huge muscle and beauty collide in this video of one of the most muscular goddesses in the sport today. Margie is absolutely magnificent; full hard curves and cuts and deep separations cover her from head to toe. Sexy scene as she drizzles oil all over and then flexes!
    6:06 min | MP4 format | 270 MB 

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  • Margie Martin~ Power, Mass, Beauty. Nothing short of amazing, Margie has almost shocking mass combined with an absolutely gorgeous face and very feminine body structure. She hits a ton of 'most musculars' in this video....Hardcore posing mixed with graceful displays of all body parts; her thick legs and giant biceps are on the menu as well.
    7:18 min | MP4 format | 323 MB 

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