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  • Michelle Jin ~ Asian Muscle Angel. Michelle is in sexy hard yet curvy shape in this video...all over flexing wide angle as well as closeups. Super CALVES! Excellent abs and perfectly peaked biceps. VERY sexy leg and calf show, the best there is!
    6:28 min | MP4 format | 286 MB 

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  • Tracy Hess ~ Elegant Ebony Goddess. Tracy is lean and gorgeous and loves to show off her muscles. In this video she flashes her sparkling smile as she does some upper body flexing...biceps, chest, delts and back. Halfway through the calf show commences and she displays those diamond cuts at all angles. Tracy's calves are surprisingly huge so calf lovers will enjoy this footage very VERY much!
    7:08 min | MP4 format | 315 MB  

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  • Betty Adkins ~ Sunshine Shoot. Awesome clear and detailed video of Betty flexing in the sun. All her veins popping...on the abs, forearms. All over flexing. Exotic and exciting display of Female Muscle!
    7:30 min | MP4 format | 346 MB 

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  • Olga Puzanova ~ Russian Muscle Beauty. Full body flexing and elegant posing with a stunning blonde haired beauty from Russia. Gorgeous curves and thick muscles everywhere!
    8:02 min | MP4 format | 355 MB  

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  • Alicia Alfaro ~ Ripped Chest, Round Glutes. Beautiful pro FBB competitor Alicia Alfaro shot the day after competing at IFBB Tampa Pro. This was one of my favorite shoots of the weekend! Her mix of hardcore flexing with graceful posing and very feminine structure
    6:31 min | MP4 format | 288 MB

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  • Emery Miller ~ Seductive Oiling. Nothing is better than a lavishly oiled FBB...Emery applies the oil thick and proceeds to put on a seductive and muscular flexing show. VERY sexy.
    8:05 min | MP4 format | 357 MB

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  • Aleesha Young ~ Sensual Assets. Aleesha cools off her hotness with a damp cloth...sensually dripping water over her chest and shoulders. She flexes and bounces her massive pecs and biceps as you watch transfixed. Wearing a sarong at her hips she teases the viewer with her round and shapely glutes....clamping her thighs together from behind daring you to get caught in that muscle trap. Crazy hotness!!
    8:29 min | MP4 format | 375 MB 

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  • Marina ~ Oiled to Perfection. That about sums up this hot as hell upper body oiling scene with beautiful and exotic muscle woman, Marina. She looks perfect with her muscles and gorgeous chest expanding while she oils herself and then flexes....VERY hot!
    5:31 min | MP4 format | 244 MB

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  • Margie Martin~ Power, Mass, Beauty. Nothing short of amazing, Margie has almost shocking mass combined with an absolutely gorgeous face and very feminine body structure. She hits a ton of 'most musculars' in this video....Hardcore posing mixed with graceful displays of all body parts; her thick legs and giant biceps are on the menu as well.
    7:18 min | MP4 format | 323 MB 

    Lots more Margie on

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  • Virginia Sanchez ~ Extreme Muscle. Huge cannonball biceps and thick rippling pecs are the star of this show; Virginia does all over body flexing one day post competition so she is ripped and hard. Arms, Legs, Chest...amazing.
    9:14 min | MP4 format | 408 MB

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  • Amanda Aivaliotis ~ Ripped Thick Muscle. Amanda shows off her incredibly dense and ripped muscular physique. Fantastic veiny biceps, big legs with deep cuts and a huge wide back. Watch her fabulous most musculars! Amanda is undoubtedly a big girl.
    9:25 min | mp4 format | 430 MB

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  • Rene Marven ~ offseason sexy.   In this video Rene shows off her incredible muscle mass; luscious thighs, rock hard abs and massive arms. A treat for any fan of female muscle.
    7:14 min | mp4 format | 330 MB 

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