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  • Alina Popa ~ Massively Awesome. All angles of this massive beauty as she mesmerizes you with her arms, chest, legs and glutes....Alina is in thick and curvy off season shape in a sexy silver skin tight minidress and heels. Pec bouncing, bicep teasing, quad shake, pec rippling and a hot upskirt and sit on your face segment.
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  • Oana and Julieta ~ Romanian Muscle Beauties. Muscle Comparisons and sexy flexing all body parts including amazing Most Muscular poses and Muscle Worship scenes. These two exotic Romanian Muscle girls are posing and flexing in sexy dresses in high heel shoes walking and showing off their hard muscles. This video is a compilation of our shorter Oana/Julieta clips put together in one long video.
    13:49 min | mp4 format | 626 MB  Lots more Oana Hreapca videos on

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  • Kim Buck ~ Elegant and Sexy. Kim is absolutely gorgeous in this flexing in the bedroom. Featuring several segments with closeups on arms, chest and shoulders followed by a long and hot leg and foot segment. Kim then moves to some more upper body, back and leg and glute posing. This video is a Foot and Leg Lover's delight but there's plenty of upper body segments to satisfy everyone.
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  • Jen and Megan ~ Hot Hammies. Jen and Megan are working out in their private gym testing out a hamstring curl machine...they are obviously focusing more on each other than on the workout. Lots of muscle worship and muscle kissing, caressing and teasing each other playfully. Jen's big round juicy glutes are the focal point of this "B" cam footage of a video.  5:25 min | mp4 format | 170 MB 

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  • Reign and Eric: "Reign's new boytoy". Reign has a new little friend who discovered Female Muscle just recently...he is so excited to come over just to feel her strength, see her muscles and of course compare his own nerdy weak male body to her hard strong female body. He's like a kid in a candy shop wanting to try all kinds of stuff just to feel her power: Comparisons, Hand to Hand mercy and Arm Wrestling....he's forced to kiss her arms at the end. He'll be back for more.
    6:59 min | mp4 format | 217 MB  

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  • Lisa Cross ~ Muscular Symphony 'Gimme Shelter'. Blonde muscle bombshell Lisa Cross....VERY sexy posing in lingerie. Lisa moves from pose to pose displaying her imposing muscles with a mix of sultry and hard flexing. This is shot very steadily mostly wide angle with some closeups.
    5:32 min | mp4 format | 252 MB

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  • Lisa Giesbrecht ~ Hard, Ripped, Oiled. Unbelievably vascular and hard, Lisa applies oil all over and flexes her muscles. She starts with her sexy arms, rubbing oil into the deep cuts and biceps peaks; she moves to her chest and flexes her pecs very sexily....then down to her hard tight abs. Now comes the legs. This footage is out of this world; the veins literally cover every inch of her quads, hamstrings and calves. Lisa very seductively applies the oil and reveals every cut, bulge and sweeping muscle belly. Extremely HOT.
    10:29 min | mp4 format | 476 MB 

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  • Carla Rossi ~ Sensual Posing. Hard and sexy Carla is flexing her muscles...looking very beautiful as she shows off at all angles. VERY sexy hamstring shots...up close and all over body flexes. She's an exotic beauty with tons of ripped muscle!
    5:24 min | mp4 format | 247 MB 

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  • Karen Garrett ~ Oiled-up Muscle. Karen is a hardcore muscle-packed exotic beauty; watch her get wet out by the pool and then oiling to make her muscles bulge. Hardcore flexing, most musculars and pec rippling; the veins in her massive quads are popping!
    5:42 min | mp4 format | 261 MB

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  • Jennifer Kennedy ~ Oiled and Hard. Dripping wet with oil, super hard whole body flexing, pecbouncing and most musculars....Jenni is out in the sun striated and hard from competition just the day before. Very Sexy.
    5:43 min | mp4 format | 261 MB

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  • Tazzie Colomb  Maximum Muscle    Tazzie is in vascular hard and ripped shape in this video; she stepped right off the bodybuilding stage and shot with us just a couple hours after competing. Her veins are bulging as she pumps and can see every striation in her legs and glutes. This video features all over body flexes, closeups and wide angle shots; Tazzie is weighing over 160 lbs of rock hard female muscle.
    12:13 min | mp4 format | 553 MB

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  • Jen and Megan: Tussle, Kiss and Rough Play. These two Muscle Girls are feeling a little naughty and frisky...playing with each other on the bed. Kissing, play wrestling, roughhousing around. This is 'B' cam footage of a video on but a totally different camera angle.
    6:23 min | mp4 format | 293 MB  

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