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  • Gorgeous thick Brazilian beauty Alessandra Alves gets her muscles measured by Annie....they then compare hands and feet and afterwards Alessandra flexes and poses her thick sexy muscles for you!  9:34min mp4  572mb

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  • Helle having a nice chat about her training and about how she feels about being so muscular....flexing and showing off the whole time!  Up close and personal.

    8:38  mp4  382mb

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  • Exotic beauty Cejay Hilton oils up her hard female muscle....she then flexes and poses showing off her lovely ripped physique.  12:24min  .mp4  741mb


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  • Perfect muscular beauty with gorgeous thick thighs.... we have lots of vids and pics including this one.

    4:17 mp4 189mb

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  • Massive curvy muscle sensually oiled. Huge upper body, thick thighs and glutes. Unmatched curvy butt and leg thickness!

    5:56 min | MP4 format | 262 MB

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  • Very sexy flexing routine of her voluptuous curves and muscles. Thick muscular legs and upper body.

    4:53 min | MP4 format | 215 MB 

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  • Sculpted beauty Patricia shot right after she walked off the competition stage.  Ripped, beautiful and perfectly shaped hard muscles.  All over posing and flexing her impressive physique.

    5:26 min | MP4 format | 240 MB  

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  • Angela flexes and shows off her hard sexy muscular curves in a teeny micro bikini.

    6:33 min | MP4 format | 289 MB  

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  • Margie Martin~ Power, Mass, Beauty. Nothing short of amazing, Margie has almost shocking mass combined with an absolutely gorgeous face and very feminine body structure. She hits a ton of 'most musculars' in this video....Hardcore posing mixed with graceful displays of all body parts; her thick legs and giant biceps are on the menu as well.
    7:18 min | MP4 format | 323 MB 

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  • Margie Martin ~ Oiled Ebony Muscle. Huge muscle and beauty collide in this video of one of the most muscular goddesses in the sport today. Margie is absolutely magnificent; full hard curves and cuts and deep separations cover her from head to toe. Sexy scene as she drizzles oil all over and then flexes!
    6:06 min | MP4 format | 270 MB 

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  • Debbie Bramwell  'Oiled and Flexing'.  Debbie is posing for you outside in the Vegas heat...oiled up and glistening in the sun. Lots of great leg and hamstring shots, most musculars and a pec bounce.
    5:04 min | mp4 format | 238 MB | $5.99 

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  • Very pretty physique girl...elegant flexing nice shape!

    9:07  mp4  421mb

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